16th of July 2011

Nearly in the Present now (writing this on 19th of July)!
Last weekend we had again one of those completely reworked items for the 60L$ WE. “Hortensia 2.0” was really a heavy bit of work. It once consisted of blossoms made from (our selfmade) sculpties, but now had to be reworked to use only regular prims. One blossom once needed 1 prim, now it needs 4. But I don’t want to bore you with my beefing around, so here is the picture:

60L,60L$,Sixty Linden Weekend,Facette

It comes like always with a huge amount of texture change options, you can see it in this quite crowded chart:

Facette,chart,hortensia,texture change scripted

This blossom overload was accompanied by the absolute contrast. The group gift was this barely noticeable ring (if it was a fish you had to throw it back into the sea) named “Hortensiculum”:

Facette,Facette,free,freebie,group gift,Hortensiculum,texture change



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