25th of June 2011

Mmhh… a fresh post. On 25th of June we released via 60L$ weekend a completely reworked version of our old “Gravitation annulée” set. “Gravitation annulée 2.0”: desculpted, resripted, retextured, redesigned… fresh smelling like this post.

60L,60L$,Sixty Linden Weekend,Facette

The textures were not few and to make it easier for the customer, we put a texture chart picture in the package:

Facette,texture chart

The matching ring was sent out as a group gift.

group gift,groupgift,free,freebie,Facette,subscriber gift

And there was something more this time. It was the 25th of June. That’s one day after 24th of June! (You can be impressed now!) And you know what that means? REZDAY!!! Yep, Olof Whitfield and me, Manya McMahon, celebrated our fourth rezday and therefore put out a little gift for our subscriber group. A little bracelet with a floral appeal, texturechange of course. The next day we put another gift right beside the first, the matching hairband with the same scripted options.

group gift,groupgift,free,freebie,rezday,rezzday,Facette

Ah, and last but not least, since 15th of June we participated in a hunt again. Again organized by the makers of the Pot O’Gold hunt in March 2011.
This hunt was called the Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt and we hid a bright sun (the hunt item package) with two necklaces inside. One for the female, one for the male Avatar, “Nebra” made inspired by the sky disk of Nebra:

free,freebie,hunt,nssh,nevermore summer solstice hunt,Facette

For those, who don’t know, what this Nebra thing is, here is some information in various languages:

English/American, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German, Polish, French, and Japanese.


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